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Connor's Commune (AKA Connor's Communist Card Players)

Connor's commune was a third-year (ish) RAG at term 1 East 2017. Consisting of 14 third years (And one second year) the commune had the rather unfortunate coincidence in which four people were in the same RAG the year before (Bo, Ben, Colton, Quinn). They were also the only guys RAG in Basset. The people in the picture are as follows.

  • Top: Houston, Alex, Jaxon (Hidden) Ben, Robert
  • Middle: Paul, Sam, JJ, Patrick, Colton, Tyler, Marco
  • Bottom: Connor (RC) Abhi, Bo, Quinn
The commune at the last dance


  • Connor (RC) - Most likely to be extra crispy
    • After sleeping through a fire drill, the RAG decided that, in the event of a real fire, Connor would have been roasted to an extra crispy.

Picture of Connor.jpeg

  • Sam - Most likely to do it for the aesthetic
    • Did everything for the aesthetic. Basically one of the nicest people on campus... Except if you pirated a movie. Then you died. Laughed when people died in movies.
  • Jaxon - Most likely to be a second year
    • Because he was a second year in a third year RAG.
  • Ben - Most likely to win at ERS while solving a Rubik's cube (Received the 10 of Clubs)
    • Played at least five games of ERS almost every day for a total of 100 wins over the term. He also used a cube like a fidget toy.
  • Alex - Most likely to be a Russian spy
    • Alex was part of NATO and the Warsaw Pact in the (not so) Cold War simulation in Game Theory
  • Colton - Most likely to be number one (Received the black box)
    • After deciding "MLT be an Italian villain" was not PC enough for the Admin, Colton was instead named MLT be number 1
  • Marco - Polo
    • For obvious reasons.

Picture of Marco.jpeg

  • Tyler - Most likely to wear sunglasses inside
    • He wore sunglasses inside. And at night. And in the shower. And when he slept. Became one with the sunglasses. Also liked to take peoples stuff and see how long it took them to notice.
  • Quinn - Least likely to be racist
    • All because on the first day he started off a conversation with "Im not racist but..." after which everyone began calling him racist.
  • JJ - Most likely to be a black supremacist
    • Apparently he hated white people. For some reason.
  • Robert - Most likely to hate his RAG
    • He was just never really there.
  • Patrick - Most likely to have a problem with Dog God.
    • After watching "A Dog's Purpose" Patrick had his mind thoroughly blown and went on a rant about how the dog in the movie was actually inhabited by a higher consciousness that resolved itself to a lower form in order to keep sane.
  • Paul - Most likely to lose his mind over vegan beef
    • One day the marketplace was serving what appeared to be beef parm, quote: "It smells like beef parm, it looks like beef parm, but it's like beans", which caused Paul to freak out and repeatedly stab the imitation while reassuring himself that "This isn't beef parm"
  • Abhi - Most likely to the monkey from Aladdin (Received Q Hat)
    • He told everyone to call him Abhu.


  • B̶o̶ Skippy VIII - Most likely to be a fourth year (Received Skippy)
    • Bo would usually be hanging out with the fourth years, so much so that he became one.
  • Houston - We have a problem
    • Note: not actually from Houston. Or Texas for that matter.

Picture of Houston.jpeg


Patrick: "Optimists are just really good at lying to themselves" Paul: "This isn't beef parm" Quinn: "I'm not racist but..." Sam: "Do it for the aesthetic" Tyler: "Россия" Bo: "eesk eesk my dudes"


  • Political debates at dinner
  • Playing cards in the Common Room
  • Saying Polo after Marco
  • Watching Paul play with a Kendama
  • Playing basketball with a laundry basket
  • Talking with the girl RAGs upstairs.
  • Connor sleeping through a fire drill.

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