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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2012 1st Trinity University II Prassel Hall Breckenridge George
2013 2nd Duke West II Kilgo Tucker  ?

Susu is the hated nickname of Suman. He has so many nicknames they can hardly be listed. *big breath* Here we go: Suzy (autocorrect), SUSU, that Indian kid, manofsu, Manny, suman-a-long-a-ding-dong (dont ask; it was all Niles Bern), Susu Magoo (Niles again) andddddd the other half of Sumanielle (or Sanielle).

He is very proud of the scrape he got on his leg from the kick-ball tournament, even though it got kinda disgusting when the cotton from his sheets stuck to it....

His best friend was Megan DuhGrego. nuff said.

Suman is Indian obvi. He says he's handsome and Danielle might agree but most wouldn't ;) jk we love you! He has some quite funny/famous quotes. Here they are:

  • We are BOLLYWOOD BOYS! (he wants a bollywood boys page(NOT HAPPENING XD))
  • And the polished wood would fly through your brain and there will be a firework display of blood! yay! <--reference to Harrison Porter killing him and Odelia and Niles planning his funeral and us dropping his casket and it breaking.
  • well, why would I? I'd give you the money then interest you big time. You want that? <--in ref to his will (see above) and him not giving Odelia money for TiP -.-
  • can it be wolverine feces? maybe ill get claws to somehow fight <--(see above) him being in deep sh*t and I don't even know
  • , take a shot of CALM THE F**K DOWN <--he was being mean :'(
  • my dead fish from my younger life <--RIP BUBBLES, we loved you (well Suman probably did)
  • interesting face: 98% of us will die in some point of our lifetime <--What happens to the other 2%? O.o
  • It was the doctor! I swear! <--no one understands it except Suman
  • Is it wierd that I had a dream about physics? <--yes it is a spelling mistake and yes it is wEIrd
  • MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *strokes cat* <--no one understands this one either
  • i only lived there during the time when my brain was a squishy tomato... <--apparently that was in reference to Idaho...POTATOES!!