TIP First Kisses

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Two Tipsters kissing in Bassett.

A TIP First Kiss occurs when a Tipster has his/her first kiss at TIP. It is well known that Tipsters usually lack in the area of attracting the preffered sex outside of TIP. However, the prevalence of RelationTIPs during each term leads many Tipsters to have their first lip-to-lip contact with another human being. It should be noted that not all TIP First Kisses arise from RelationTIPs and may come at random times with a lack of consent for the two kissing parties, as described in The Arthur Kiss Incident. A TIP First Kiss is a TIP First Kiss even if one party of the kiss has kissed before.

Having one's first kiss at TIP is one of the marks of a true Tipster and is a great honor within the TIP community. At the same time, it shows how little "game" that person has in the real world. However, some people who have their first kiss at TIP have plenty of game, so a TIP First Kiss does not necessarily mean lacking skills in the real world. Also, a TIP First Kiss is the first step in creating a TIP Baby. Due to the long list of RelationTIPs on the RelationTIP page, a list of TIP First Kisses may be a nice addition to the Tipwiki.

Confirmed TIP First Kisses




    • Bennett
    • Dani
    • Meg RW
    • Fat Tony


    • Jon
    • Cat
    • NiHo
    • Hannah
    • Tara
    • Sarah
    • Kristen
    • Duri
    • Ty
    • Shannon
    • Xan
    • Carina


    • Eleanor
    • Arthur
    • Madison
    • Alison
    • Emily
    • Jess
    • Matthew
    • Patrick
    • Megan
    • Victoria
    • Rachel


    • Ruth
    • Hamilton AKA Hambone
    • Ashley
    • Seth
    • Levi
    • Brandon/Kat
    • Kate
    • Matthew/Jessica


    • Ben
    • Morgan R.
    • Ben
    • Victor/Katharyn
    • Aedan
    • Steven
    • Jay
    • Nick P.
    • Chelsea
    • Hayley Stueber
    • Jared Sterling


    • Yoon
    • Stephanie
    • Lauren
    • Anna
    • Kelsey
    • Henry
    • Carly
    • Kpop
    • Jesse (Batman)
    • Alex
    • Sarah


    • Camilla
    • Claire
    • Naomi
    • Maya R.
    • Mason
    • Matt
    • Kaylie C.


    • Taylor
    • Dalton
    • Dawson
    • Jenna
    • Gabby