TIP Pheonetic Alphabet

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The Alphabet

A -- Alspaugh, American Pie

B -- Babby, Bassett, Best Three Weeks of Your Life, Brown

C -- Chester, Carolina in My Mind

D -- Domo, die game, Don't Stop Believin', Doggy doggy doggy

E -- Egyptian Rat Screw


G -- G6

H --Hulu

I -- It's the End of the World As We Know It

J --

K -- Kilgo

L -- Lanyard, Love

Ll -- Llama, Llove

M -- Maddog, Mao

N -- Ninja

O -- ONE

P -- Pizza

Q -- Quadfest

R -- Rain, RelationTiPs, RAtionships, Red Carpet

S -- Squirrel

T -- Taco, Team Team, TiPressing, Time Warp

U -- Ultimate

V -- Violent Femmes, Vuvuzelas

W --'What up? KAELFIVE'

X --

Y -- Yatta!

Z -- Zulu

This is a difficult list. Help the editor improve it by increasing its length and girth to making it more pleasureable for everyone.