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From the third floor of Alspaugh, East term 2, 2006, comes...Zach's RAG. Under the leadership of the stoic head of Alspaugh, these 12 guys could overcome any obstacle:

  • Nat!
  • David!
  • Richard!
  • Anthony!
  • Matthew!
  • Hassan!
  • Brad!
  • David!
  • Tyler!
  • Charlie!
  • Tom!
  • Seth!

These extrordinary gentlemen won the first ever TIP treasure hunt and had the most awsome RAG night ever, which included throwing water balloons at Zach. Bow down, mortals!

However, Zach's RAG did have some obstacles that it needed to overcome. For one, Jayme's RAG (better known as Teen Girl Squad), a group of 15 girls that was living down the hall from them. The two RAGs became quite close, but about halfway through the term, whenever a boy from Zach's RAG was found shirtless in the hallway, they would be bombarded by calls of "Nekkid!" from the girls down the hall. This increased the overall speed of most of Zach's RAG.

Zach's RAG Page was also designed as the following: Named Lorum Ipsum, it had filler text throughout the entire thing, although the phrase "Zach's RAG, suck it!" had to be edited, as the latter part of the phrase was considered not to be TipPropriate.

Facts About the RC

-Zach is half Japanese (father), and half German (mother).

-Zach was born in 1986.

-Zach owns a number of wooden swords.

-Zach is known to have a famous pick-up line that will entrance any person, male or female, to become his love slave.

-Zach, unfortunately, does not get a lot of "Smart Harvard Girl Bootie," a phrase dubbed by Emma Miller, who Zach termed "the worst tipster ever." He actually lied about having a girlfriend to Emma Miller, who cleared things up with her RC-crush Mike Sori. Zach decided that the noise, "BWAHHH" would forever be associated with Emma due to the awkward questions and un-TIPpropriate behavior she often demonstrated towards him (i.e. leaving flattering poems and goodnight notes outside his door at 12:30 AM).

-Zach attends Harvard, aptly enough.

-Zach's nickname is "Precious", and was often called this by Jayme's RAG, thanks to an incident in which he used the word.

-Zach is an ordained minister.

-Zach was known to sing Disney movie songs down the hallway of the third floor of Alspaugh. He knows the lyrics to almost every (popular)Disney song you can think of, and he would freely do a little gimpy dance (due to his crutch) as he serenaded the TiPsters.

-Zach also has a Disney spoof of a Star Wars poster in his room.

-Zach was also the man-crush of Pegram RC Xiao, as admitted by Xiao on July 26, 2006, at the evening activity "Asian Man Shares Tales of Wisdom". Later, Zach claims to have used the aforementioned pick-up line on him, leading Xiao to believe that his affections were returned.

-Zach also "broke" his ankle at TiP East Term II.