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The Basset Bros were a- well, we don't know what to call them, but they were a group formed by the second year girls on the third floor of Basset in 2017. The name is a play on the fact that Kiran was a low key frat boy and conformed the entire floor to her strange ways.

le origin story

Ah, the third floor of Basset. Such a beautiful place. That was, until the Basset Bros came along, one terrifying "Wacky Wednesday" during term 1 2017. That was when Kiran decided to truly let her inner frat boy loose, and when Neha sprayed disgusting axe body spray literally everywhere.

The OG Members

The OG members consists of the people who dressed up for Wacky Wednesday, thus creating the Basset Bros-

  • Kiran -we can't tell what she loves more- Bruno Mars or backwards hats with sunglasses
  • Ava -aka actual perfection, honestly how is it even possible to be so awesome?
  • Ryan - catch phrase extraordinare
  • Neha/Ned -Ryan's fave
  • Trinity -follow her @trins_spammmmm on instagram
  • Grace -shoe goals
  • Braden -Duke Daddy much?
  • Sophie -the smolest bean you will ever meet, protect her at all costs
  • Alex -fashion QUEEN
  • Yaya -honestly, everything goals. life goals. MAKEUP GOALS!
  • Olivia -le super spy
  • Mariana -a true emo in the wild/WILL FIGHT YOU
  • Maddie/Meghan -which was her real name? will we ever know?
  • Simran -actual savage

The Followers

The rest of the floor soon had claim to the name Basset Bro, uniting Tay's Baes, Jackie's Children, and Fi's Fam to serve a greater purpose-

  • Cecelia -a living meme/half of the CUTEST BASSET BRO COUPLE EVER
  • Elizabeth -the other half of the CUTEST BASSET BRO COUPLE EVER
  • Esha -so sweet you would think she was sugar
  • Julia -shipped with lucky charms
  • Katrina -dancing queen
  • Malaika -low key Hogwarts student
  • Shannon -the mom friend™
  • Sydney R -the crazy cousin friend™
  • Tabitha -has ALL OF the tea
  • Adrea -hamiltrash, but in a good way
  • Shelby -is she taller than Kiran? we may never know.
  • Sydney B -is she ever not taking polaroid pictures?
  • Sophia -everyone's bestie
  • Eve -actual ray of sunshine
  • Zoe -will one day get away with murder
  • Amelia -it was soft serve, not frozen yogurt
  • Lily -will murder your balloon child, do not give her sharp objects
  • Mazie -healthy addiction to books
  • Brooke - "DADDY B. DUKE" *screams into kazoo*
  • Raguell -finesse is her name, savage remarks are her game

basset bro traditions

  • watching the great british bake off
  • eating ramen
  • listening to noah cornelius songs
  • gruesome mafia games
  • weird vines
  • ditty memes
  • the sacred balloon baptism
  • playing songs and sobbing

Return of the Basset Bros

Several Basset Bros returned for their third year, and many even became relic holders. The following Basset Bros came back for East Term 1 2018:

  • Trinity -2019 holder of the Pink Stilletoes
  • Braden -Now more of a Duke Daddy than a Duke Dad, 2019 holder of The Pride Flag and Squiggles Leprechaun Lastname
  • Alex -Control group?
  • Yaya -Makeup game is still on point
  • Olivia -Kung Fu Panda addict
  • Maddie -Due to the magic of makeup, she now has eyebrows!!!
  • Elizabeth -Poetry goddess honestly
  • Katrina -The sweetest person you will ever meet, 2019 holder of Noah C's Sweatband
  • Shelby -A complete babe, what a queen truly looks like
  • Zoe -Glow up on point
  • Amelia -Gives the best book recommendations
  • Lily -Total sweetie and complete icon, 2019 holder of The Clockwork Hat
  • Mazie -Can solve any crime, 2019 holder of the Hask
  • Sydney R - a complete goddess, not even gonna lie
  • Brooke -The most mega of Thots, 2019 holder of the Moonscream and The Pastorship