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The Annual Ultimate Frisbee tournaments may be the shining face of TIP athletics, but Ping-Pong is the dark underbelly. With the heavy prevalence of Asians on campus, the games can get intense. The main problem with ping-pong at Duke East is that paddles and balls are often broken, so it is not uncommon for Tipsters to play ping-pong with half of a paddle or with a broken ball.

East Term One 2009 - "The Greatest Year of Ping Pong in TIP History"

In 2009, on Duke East, there was a ping-pong table in the Alspaugh commons. This sparked intense ping-pong matches battled out to incessant piano playing. If you were in the Alspaugh commons room, you were waiting in line to play Ping-Pong whether you knew it or not.

Within the first twenty-fours of TIP, the three best players on campus quickly emerged. One of the great players was a second year, Brian Cohn, who was well known for his dancing abilities and Red Sox apparel. The next great player was Jasper Fu, current holder of the Shazam Hat, who had Asian ping-pong skills. The greatest of them all was John Vaughan, one of the The Bosses, who may be the greatest ping-pong player in TIP history. Various sources say that John could not lose a game when he wore a headband. During Quadfest, ping-pong was one of the more intense events, with Jasper and John battling on throughout the afternoon. Eventually, John emerged as the victor, bringing first place points to Bassett.

East Term One 2011 - THE best year of Ping Pong

In 2011, Pegram was home to the fourth years along with a few lucky third years. It was known to have the best common room out of the three residential dorms. A ping pong table was in the middle of this room and everyday epic matches were taking place. There were 5 notable players: Amar Reddy, Roland Wen, Rohin Lohe, Elliot Cheung, and Nelson Ng. These five boys were consistently fighting for the top spot. This debate was never settled though as a different person took the title from one day to the next. Pegram ended up winning both the Ping Pong tournament (Rohin vs. Nelson in the finals.) and the Quadfest Ping Pong event. Elliot and Nelson, both third years, will be the ones to beat in 2012.