RC Anna's Guardians of the Galaxy

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Sana, Sofia, Mary, Erin, Faith, Sam, Sheri, Grace, and Ingrid posing as white boys for a Tip Prom photo.
Mary, RC Anna, Sam, Erin, Sheri, Faith, and Sana posing with Sweet Hut on the last RC group night.
The whole RC group posing with the curly fry sculpture during the scavenger hunt.
The whole RC group in the lounge on the second RC group night.
The night of July 7, when the whole RC group did "ha ha ha" as an icebreaker.

RC Anna's Guardians of the Galaxy was an RC group led by Anna Farr in Georgia Tech 2019 Term 2. They lived on the 3rd floor and were unarguably the most crackhead group. (There was a theory running throughout the group that they were probably the most disliked on the third floor because they had so much fun together and the other RC groups may have been jealous. Or maybe it was just because they were loud and fun.) They performed September by Earth, Wind and Fire for TiP Sync, which consisted of choreographies by Ingrid Russell and Just Dance. Unfortunately, the system was rigged, and they didn't win anything. (They were just too good, and the judges were overwhelmed.) This group was part of the Red team for TechFest, which placed 4th. All of the RC group nights involved boba. On the first RC group night, they ordered from Sweet Hut and practiced for TiP Sync, and on the second night, they ordered from Boba Theory and Chipotle and watched H2O: Just Add Water. On the last RC group night, they walked to Sweet Hut. On the last Friday night, RC Anna and RC Uduak were on night duty. None of the members actually went to bed at the designated 12:00 lights out time. Around 1:00, RC Group members Erin, Mary, Faith, Sheri, and Sam propped open their doors, still partly in their dorm rooms, and spent the whole night talking (partially) out in the hallway. It was the biggest sus moment. Several of the group members would workout during the week and it was through those experiences that we realized the lounge was, in fact, not soundproof from (satirical) screams of pain. They also learned that working out is fun when you're with the right people.

They miss each other very much.

Members: Sana Kohli, Anna Harris, Erin Yoon, Emily Tso, Mary Matias, Emily Krug, Sheri Peng, Faith Tsang, Sofia Guico, Grace McCamy, Samantha P, Ingrid Russell, Tori Wagner, and Ashley Gangoo

Crackhead Dance Circle: Mary Matias, Erin Yoon, Faith Tsang, Sheri Peng, Sana Kohli, Samantha P

Workout Gang: Anna Farr, Mary Matias, Erin Yoon, Faith Tsang, Sheri Peng, Sana Kohli, Samantha P

Kansas Gang: Mary Matias, Grace McCamy, Tori Wagner

Inside Jokes

  • hiiiiiii, (naaaaaame)
  • higkey lowkey
  • lowkey highkey
  • okay, cute
  • bruh
  • brooooo
  • wooooahh (catch it!! oh my gosh it's so high when is it coming down--)
  • TEA
  • boba flex
  • pi/2 & 3pi/2
  • september
  • Jay
  • Pringles
  • white boy hours
  • red and green (and then later, lightsaber and apple)
  • 2 day challenge (1 week challenge)
  • sus hours in the stairwell
  • let's get this bread
  • channel your inner private christian school white boy
  • catch the woah
  • workouts during 4-5 freetime
  • 5 loaves ("...yet only two loaves")
  • 11 pack
  • cheesebrain hours
  • head spinning on the wall
  • leg choreography
  • jam sessions in the hallway
  • Burning House
  • Branden
  • Mary's Spilling Curse
  • Wazzing
  • "iT's jUsT a sOciAl eXpEriMeNt"
  • "jumping through the hoop" dance move
  • BANANAS on the second floor
  • talking to the author (author, if you're reading this, shoutout to you)
  • existential crisis at dinner
  • banana prank
  • tanning lotion tattoos <3
  • worm on the wall
  • sus dance moves in the lounge
  • fancy, eeUuuUgHH?
  • slaps knee, screams

An Emo Open Letter

Ahhhhh broOOOOOOOo this is not cohesive at all but okay. thank you to my RC group for giving me good memories from tip. You all have helped me grow physically, socially, and emotionally. I wouldn't have continued to get the bread if you guys didn't do the workouts too. Thanks for being friends with me and accepting me and all my weirdness. Thanks for being a crackhead with me at the dances omg.... Thanks for encouraging me to take more social initiative. Thanks for giving me new speech mannerisms. Thanks for giving me something to cry about, because honestly, I didn't really cry last year. This has been my best TIP experience so far, so thanks for all the memories and inside jokes. Hopefully we can meet again.

The maddest sus,


I'm gonna highkey highkey miss all of y'all! Thanks so much to everyone for being so amazing and for all the memories. Thanks for pushing me to voluntarily exercise, to put myself out there more, and for all the laughs and sus moments. Each of you have changed my life for the better and I am so grateful to have such a wholesome and amazing RC group! Every walk up that hill to class was a struggle (a testament to how out of shape I am), just like how every single day challenged me emotionally, academically, socially, and physically. Yet, I would give anything now for one more day walking up that steep hill. Thank you to all of you for giving me a hill of an experience (ha, get it?) rich in laughter and tears, screaming and scheming, jokes and roasts, and memories and experiences. I miss all of you so much and I hope we can meet up again!

Until then, "R-E-D RED LET'S GET THIS BREAD!!!"


You guys are amazing and highkey wholesome. At the start, we were so awkward and had no idea who each other was, but through these three weeks, you guys have become like family. I’ll never forget about calculating circles now that we’ve learned pi/2. Nor will I forget that bananas are prime media of communication. I’m really gonna miss screaming in pain and earning the hatred of other RC groups with you guys while doing voluntary torture (aka exercise) out in the hall during free time. I’m also gonna miss discovering the truth of existence during dinner and attempting to reach The Author above in order to make our lives easier and to draw out time (which is obviously a social construct) so that we never had to leave each other. Unfortunately, we did have to leave, and nothing will ever be the same. But I will never forget any of you and the unforgettable time we had together.


You all are so sweet and amazing and I think that over the three weeks we were all together I'd gotten closer with some of you than I have with some of my friends back home. Even though I know it's inevitable (snap), but I hope I never forget our inside jokes and the fun times we spent together. I can't believe none of us knew each other existed before this camp, because we just clicked with each other as a friend group. Maybe it's the crackhe-- sorry, cheesebrain energy in our RC group. I've never met a group of friends more willing to let loose and express themselves and be wild more than y'all. I'm going to miss everyone so much and it sounds really cheesy but I'm trying not to cry as I write this letter because I love y'all that much. Thank you for allowing me to embrace my inner cheesehead energy for three weeks! It's been real, bros. :')

Always remember to obtain the loaf!