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Trey "The Milkman" was a fourth year fourth year who attended ASU term 2 for his first year, and UGA term 2 for every year proceeding. He was known for his ART, and legendary talent show performances, as well as his hype for the dances and passion for his fellow tipsters. During Trey's time at TiP, he tried very hard to convey his passion and love for the campus and people around him to everyone, and inspire TiPspirit. By the time of Avent's fourth year, the people at UGA TiP had become a family to him, and the bonds he formed brought connection and value that will last a life time.

Time at TiP

1st Year

Assorted pictures of Trey at App State, arranged by Megan Wagner. The bottom picture is the only documented photo of the group in the laundry room on the famous last night

For his first year Trey went App State term 2 and took the course Creative Writing. He met 2nd year Will Nichols, who he would go to tip with for three years proceeding proceeding; they became very close friends. He also met 1st Year Jack Martha, whom he is still friends with today- hopefully they will be attending their final year together. He also became very close friends with Rickey Plunket, Edwin Thompson, and Chris Pressy (Curly-Hair-Chris). The aforementioned tipsters could frequently be seen patrolling stair-mountain together. In his class, Trey sat next to and became friends with Quentin, Jack, and Emma. He became relatively close with all three, but never really hung out with them outside of class and lunch. He had fantastic teachers in the form of Pete and Rachel, who both had a huge impact on his direction throughout life. The class inspired him in more ways than may be mentioned here. Trey also participated in TiPsynce with Will Nichols and the RC Bora Günay, performing the song Call Me Maybe. His RC this year was named Deacon, and they had a great RC group with many of his close friends at the time, including Reuban Profeta Trey went through two crushes during the course of his first year, both of which were unsuccessful. First there was Ann, he met her after she dared him to drink a concoction of horrors derived from the ASU cafeteria. It was hard, but he eventually worked up the courage to ask Ann to the second dance- to which she replied, "oh, I like someone else," forever crushing his first year heart. Next there was Brittany. Brittany was a distant crush, even though Trey would barely talk to her, there was no doubt that she was the one; however, his dreams of Brittany were forever destroyed when she began to elope with Diego in the final 3 days of tip. On the last night of the term, some of Trey's closest friends (Megan Wager, Will N., Chris Pressy, Jack Martha, Anna Medley, and others) gathered together and watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the laundry room; it was a great way to end the term, and one of Trey's best memories from TiP. Despite the heartbreak (all to Will Nichol's amusement), first year was a great first experience with TiP for the Milkman, and he will treasure the memories and friends he made there forever.

2nd Year

For his second year he went to UGA term 2, and took the Inspired Writer course(RIP- we ran that class down like a pegausus in a flame of glory). During his 2nd he became very good friends with the 3rd year Will Limehouse through their Inspired Writer class (RIP), and the two are still best friends to this day. He also became very good friends with 3rd years Thomas "Tombom" Williford, Jaxon Wilkerson, and 4th year Andrew Mull. He had a relationtip with 4th year Olivia Mumaugh, and even though the relationship didn't work out (although they did continue on for several months after tip) a lot of good came from it, and it was a great first experience for our humble hero. Trey received his first kiss at the baseball game, but beyond that, we shall not mention their relationship here- if you want to know some of the intimates, try contacting Thomas Williford (and beware the end of the hallway on the second floor, it is a disgusting place). Although he didn't realize it at the time, Trey had a great RC group under the tutelage of JD with Tipsters he would become very close friends with in the years proceeding like Chris Gregoire, Josh Brandon, and Emmett Davy. Trey became very close with his friends this year, it was the first time that he realized the people he was with at TiP were more than just three week acquaintances, they were his family. In particular, Thomas Williford inspired within him flaming passion for TiP, and the meaning of TiP spirit; the two frequently referred to the other as their "brother". Trey also fostered an extremely close relationship with the aforementioned Will Limehouse, and he continued to grow even closer with his old friend Will Nichols. He finished off this wonderful year with the first of a legacy of talent show performances with Jaxon, Andrew, and another fourth year named Dan; it consisted of the beautiful verse of Jaxon Wilkerson, the poetic throat singing of Andrew Mull, the elegant bed-sheet holding of Dan, and the spot on exegesis by the Milkman himself. Overall second year was probably the best time of his life. All the Tipsters at UGA during Trey's second year went out of their way to welcome him into their family and make sure that he had one of the best summers of his life.

3rd Year

For third year he returned to UGA in a blaze of artistic glory, he took the The Brain, where he met Jordan Ogrinc, Sloan Wilson, and Chris Gregoire; the four of them became very close, and Trey and Chris even established UGA's first official Gentleman's Club. He also became good friends with the legendary Sung Yong-O (Kill 'em All) via Chris. Chris and Trey would go on to complete the Vermonter challenge in a legendary 10 minutes (with some help from their classmates Sloan and Shikha). He also became very close with Caroline Cox, who won't stop snapchatting him. During the last week and a half or so of this term, Trey also became better friends with Josh Brandon, whom he had known since first year, but was not previously close with. Jack Martha and Trey also became much closer this year; the couple were very happy about being reunited again, and found that they had more in common than they knew, particularly their interests in art.
Trey with Sloan Wilson and Will Limehouse (Slimehouse) on departure day.
Trey finished off the year with another exciting talent show, this time consisting of more poetic verse from everybodies favorite poet, Jaxon, excellent throat singing by Will Nichols, inspiring pineapple holding by Madux Price (it was his birthday), philosophical chair-sitting by Will Limehouse, beautiful brush modeling by Jack Martha, and absolutely disgusting gummy-bear consumption from Thomas Williford, and appetite satysfying chanting from the Milkman. At the end of the performance, the whole crew left through Jaxon's metaphorical birth canal, comprised of Trey's bedsheets which Dan had held up the year before, The Milkman left this performance as he entered the world: a screaming amalgamation of all God's hate for the world. He made quite a few other close friends during his third year as well, notably, Teddy Todaro, Kmill_03, and somehow Mackenzie Smith- well not technically, but still.
From left to right: Trey, Limehouse, Martha, and Madux performing ART.
At the end of the night he was passed down the Party Glasses by Thomas Williford; although, since Thomas had broken the glasses, and then subsequently lost them, he was given a pair of goggles as a temporary replacement. Overall, third year was a great experience for Trey: he strengthened and formed many bonds that would solidify the meaning of TiP for him, and inspire him to give back in his fourth and final year.

4th Year

Trey and Tey together at the first dance sporting their decades (trap) attire, Avent was also wearing the Boxers that the 2015 fourth year Jaxon Wilkerson gave him on arrival day

Fourth year was a transcendentally amazing time for Trey and his friends. Trey's final year got off to a terrific start when his longtime friends Thomas Williford and Madux Price (Jaxon Wilkerson could not be there, unfortunately) came back on arrival day and passed down the Orange of the day and the accompanying oar to himself and Caroline Moore. While Moore and Trey had not talked much previous to this occurrence, the duo quickly became friends, and aptly began screaming shades of orange at Tipsters during dinner. Trey also discovered he was in Haramrit's RC group with many of his close friends on the first day, including, Sung Yong-O, Chris Gregoire, Marvin Lombardo, and Robert Hellinga. A first year fourth year named Tey Um was also in this RC group, who was quickly accepted into their friend group, and became an integral part of their family. Additionally, Trey discovered that he was roommates with his friend Josh Brandon- the two grew very close as roommates, and helped to make TiP such an awesome experience for one another. Trey took American Foreign Policy this term with his long time friends Jack Martha, Emmett Davy, and Megan Wagner. Jack Martha's newly developed extroverted personality allowed for him and Trey to become much closer this year, and bond on a much deeper level than any previous term. Trey also became friends with Alex Rea, Ethan Story, Kenny Flores, and Jack Campbell through this class. During the first week, Trey became infamous for an event during Orange of the Day, when, after announcing the orange, he dabbed and dived off the ledge he was on into some bushes, and threw oranges at the spectating crowd. Though he was punished for the event- it brought more hype to the orange, and was well worth it. Another important event for Trey this term was seeing the legendary Anthony Gagliardi come back as an RC; Anthony was his legends' legend, and during his second year, all of the fourth years would tell Trey stories about Anthony. Trey tried as much as possible to be friends with every Tipster on campus, and give back to UGA TiP as much as he could this year. While the TiP spirit was off to a rocky start during the first week, Chris Gregoire and Trey, along with help from the rest of the fourth years, were able to turn the tide, and truly induct the second and third years into their very special TiP family. The first notable moment of unity for the campus was during the first dance, when all of the Tipsters formed one giant circle, and bounced up and down together throughout the night. By the end of the first dance, every Tipster was physically and emotionally exhausted, but the campus had been brought much closer. After that point, the term continued to grow closer and closer together, until it was the most united that Trey had ever seen. Winning the Staff-Student game was a huge victory for the whole campus, and brought everyone- regardless of their lanyard- a sense of belonging in the community. TiPsynce this year was also a lot of fun for Trey. Since he hadn't participated in any TiPsynces in his previous terms (except for his first year at ASU) Trey went out of his way to apply for every TiPsynce possible. In the end, he had signed up for a total of five TiPsynces: a recreation of Bruh (which was done by the fourth years when Trey was a second year), Never Gonna' Give You Up, Sweatshirt, Kiss Me Through the Phone w/ Becca's RC group, and We Got is Goin' On with The Backdorm Boys. The experiences was very tiring, but very rewarding, and Tipsters unanimously agreed that it was the best rendition of Backdorm Boys they had ever seen at TiPsynce. The final week of his fourth year was a blur of euphoria for Trey. Fourth year serenades were a blast, his final RC group night downtown was amazing, and his last evening activity to Cali n' Titos was perfect. During Orange of the Day on the last Wednesday, Trey and Chris took the opportunity to ask Rebecca Schlafke and Caroline Cox to TiProm. They stole two oranges from Bolton, and wrote "prom?" on both, and announced "will you go to TiProm with us orange. TiProm was a great final conclusion to the 12 amazing dances Trey had been to, and, despite the tears, was one of his best memories of TiP. On the final day, Trey's did a presentation on Russia and Syria for his class (which who knew absolutely nothing about) watched the mock trial performance, ate lunch at Bolton (during which he saw a fourth year from 2014 named Chase), and then was off to the talent show. Once again Jack Martha and the Milkman performed ART; this year's performance is very hard to explain, but it consisted of poetry by both Martha and Milkman, as well as wailing second and third years, a green lanyard cocoon made of the bedsheets that was ripped apart by Trey's teeth, throat singing by Chris Gregoire, Hawaiian interpretive dance by Josh Brandon, gator wrasselin' by Marvin Lombardo, and hurdy gurdy'in by Caroline Cox. At the end of the performance Trey posed the question "what is ART" to the audience, and gave his bedsheets to the second years Kenny Flores and Jack Campbell; later that night he found Ethan Story and split the bedsheets once again, so that Ethan could lead the ART next year. The fourth year speeches were very emotional for Trey, he stood next to Caroline C. and Sung, and talked about the love he had found at TiP, and why TiP was his true family; at the end of his speech, Trey passed down the Party Glasses to Jonathan Martin, in hopes that he could lead the dances to the same standard next year, and, along with Caroline Moore, the Oarange and the Orange of the Day to Jonathan Kirkland and Jakob Heiser. The final night was very emotional, in between signing termbooks he exchanged some meaningful words with old friends, and then was off to iHop. At iHop, Trey could be seen chugging syrup with Martha and Chris, as well as trying to drink hot coffee. He also ate about three other people's meals, because you go all out, or you don't go at all. Trey refused to sleep that night, and conducted one last legendary go at Sandstorm in the piano room. Later, Trey and many of his friends got onto the roof, and spent the night traversing the fiberglass landscape. Trey was also part of the group that got caught on the roof the next morning, and had to stay inthe office until they're parents came; fortunately, he cried so hard on Tommy (the OSD at the time) that they were moved down to the piano room in the lobby so that they could see all of their friends. After Trey was released from the office, he spent the rest of the day saying goodbye to his friends, and walking a few third years out to their cars. He cried a lot this day, particularly when Caroline Cox left for her plane in the morning. Another intensely emotional moment for Trey was when his favorite RC, Mike, gave him his blue lanyard, and made him promise to come back as an RC in three years time. Trey and his four closest bros (Martha, Chris Gregoire, Sung Yong-O, and Josh Brandon) left Myers hall at noon to go and complete the Vermonter challenge they had been preparing for for the last three years; they ran the whole way from Myers hall at UGA to the Ben&Jerry's in downtown Athens they were so excited. The quintet completed the Vermonster in a legendary 4:44, destroying Thomas Williford's previous five man record of 7:47, it was a legendary end to their TiP experience, and all five returned to Myers with a feeling of great satisfaction. Back at Myers the five (with the addition of Tey Um) turned in their cards and keys, and then walked out to the quad together to form one last circle, and say their final goodbyes. Trey and Martha were the first to leave, and as Trey left his home behind, he left with the knowledge that he had done everything he could for his family, and that it would be in safe hands during the years that followed.

Trey with Jonathan Martin on the last day after tying the Party Glasses around his head
The 2016 Backdorm Boys after completing their legendary Vermonster; from left to right: Sung Yong-O, Jack Martha, Trey, Chris Gregoire, and Josh Brandon

Fourth Year Will

I, Trey “The Milkman”, of ART mind and milky body hereby bequeath what remains of my time at TiP to the following. To Kenny, I leave the essence of UGA frisbee; Jackson, a blue hand; Ethan Hat, all my knowledge of fopo, and passion for Kendrick Lamar; Jeffrey, my dance moves; and to Jonathan, I leave my hype, although you have enough of your own already. To Savage I leave the number 8, a debatable basketball, and the future of UGA; to Jacob, I leave my faith that you will carry on our legacy: you have more TiP spirit than anyone I have ever met, and I trust that you will take care of my home well next year. To Danny I leave a Blue-Eyes-Black-Dragon; Tey, the three years you never got; Robert, a fantastic taste in music; Katie Marie, your induction papers to the gentleman’s club; Joe, a sweatshirt; Coopersmith, a new water bottle; Alex, all of my copies of seinfeld; Meghan, a sensual picture of George Costanza, and The Catcher in the Rye; and Marvin, the best wrasseling there ever was in Louisiana. To Emmett, I leave a Walmart card, and the wolfpack; to Caroline Moore, I leave an orange of the day and IB; to Rachel H., I leave a Chik-Fil-A cowsuit and a pikachu; Chris P., a better friend than myself, and our beautiful memories of stair mountain; and to Rebecca I leave ART, Andrew Saulters, and our memories of Inspired Writer 2014 (RIP). To my brothers who mean the world to me: Jack C. I leave you the memory of the 2015 fourth years, and my confidence that you will be a greater legend than I ever was; Sung I leave you my awe of your frisbee skills, muscles, and all the joy you’ve brought me as one of my best friends; Brandon, I leave you the title of nicest guy in the universe, and all of the happiness I’ve experienced as your roommate; to Martha, I leave nothing, because I can give you nothing greater than the life-changing friendship you have given me; and to Chris G., I leave all of my memories of TiP, and all of my love, you bring more joy into my life than I can possibly express here. To Caroline Cox, I leave myself, as so much of me has been made by you, and so much of what I love comes from your existence. You are special to me, and I love you (no, we are not dating). To TiP, I leave the last four years of my life. Many of the friendships you have given me will fail, and my memories of you will fade, but the feeling you spawned within me on that first July of 2013 will never die, and for that I am eternally thankful. And finally, to the returning green lanyards, I leave my home, because even though I will miss it immensely, I don’t need it anymore, but you surely will.


Member of The Backdorm Boys

Preceded by:
Thomas Williford
Wearer of the Party Glasses Succeeded by:
Jonathan Martin

Preceded by:
Thomas Williford and Jaxon Wilkerson
Announcer of the Orange of the Day (w/ Caroline Moore) Succeeded by:
Jonathan Kirkland and Jakob Heiser