Duke East Term 1 2019

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This year, we tipsters as a collective mind have advanced to a level of intelligence beyond that of Albert Einstein. Five relics were declared official. Cults grew to form an integral component of our everyday life. We realized that everyone at tip is gay to varying degrees of extent. The groupme flooded with waves of jokes, memes, and comments. Fanfics, specifically those of Tim and Moby, were read to pass the time. The music playlists at the dances incorporated traditional songs with various hits of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, along with 2010s rap. We made sure not to spoil avengers endgame! Particularly we made it memorable as ever with a powerful leadership and enthusiasm of the common people.

Moreover - we had so many people with such generic names - how many Lily’s, Caroline’s, Emma’s, Maddie’s, Anna’s, Kate’s, Tyler’s, Nate’s, Josh’s, Jack’s, Chris’s, Emily’s, Charlotte’s, Andrew’s, Olivia’s, Tate’s, Brooke's, Audrey’s, Hannah’s, Sydney’s, Gabby’s, Rachel’s, Will’s, Liz’s, Mary’s, John’s, Alex’s, Tristan’s, Max’s, Megan’s we’re there??? (This includes tipsters who go by their middle names or nicknames)

Notable Events

  • Shit field- the quads were covered by some fertilizer that caused dances to be moved to Baldwin steps. The quads stunk any physical activities for the first week were impossible to have on the quads. This hallowed ground was also affectionately nicknamed 'The Shitpit' by the third years because it had a nicer ring to it.
  • Marriages- before moonscream on the first Wednesday tipsters gathered around B. Duke for a momentous joinimng af a big group of four years and that one third year.
  • Group poop- the name says enough (discuss it after term is over lol)
  • The last night- a group of tipsters snuck out to 9th street, ran from the campus police, and dodged staff with flashlights, only for their valiant efforts to be all for naught when a video surfaced of them climbing back through a window, leading to a long lecture from admin at 3:00 AM. 45 minutes after this lecture the tipsters snuck out again. (note: more information needed)
  • staff v. student game- ultimate Frisbee game in which the students beat the staff 30+ to 0.
  • Miss tip- bits and pieces of the pageant went viral on tiktok.
  • The Party in Room 319- on the last night 27 fourth years gathered in room 319 as a last hurrah to their time at tip.
  • The 5:30 Clap- almost every evening at 5:30 tipsters would clap for a minute at dinner
  • Homie service - From the last sunday to the last thursday, tipsters would congregate behind a bush near pegram and discuss the well-beings of being a homie.
  • Greyson's playground - Greyson and Jah are the two gods we worship
  • Pegram gumball machines - The wonderful Jack Heidrick blessed us with his endless supplies of kazoos and babies.
  • Ethics and the little white lie - Cults within a cult


  • Max's Messy Minions
  • Kenny’s Krew
  • Tanisha's Talented Tipsters
  • Luke's High Flyers
  • Hannah's RC Group
  • Olympians
  • Chris's Ballers
  • Noah's Ark
  • Gabby's Gals
  • Vanesa's Homies
  • Ren's Roses
  • Kim's Kweens
  • Camryn's Busy Bees
  • Alex's Cacti
  • Nate's RAG
  • Megan's Stars
  • Tristen's RAG
  • Kiana's Kool Kidz
  • Morgan's Kwirky Pineapples


2019 songs

*Official TIP Songs
*Sweet Caroline
*I Want It That Way
*50K in Japan
*Praise Da Lord
*Pick Up The Phone
*Old Town Road
*7 Rings
*Sicko Mode
*Mo Bamba
*Lucid Dreams
*All Star
*What Is Love
*any song by Panic at the Disco 
*any song by Queen
*Country Roads